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Which Sectors Are Using Virtual Worlds And Simulation To Teach Their Employees?


While serious gaming is growing by leaps and bounds and the technology has a wide range of uses for virtually every industry possible, some industries are using it more than others. This could be a result of the technology still being in its infancy, or the fact that some companies are either unaware of the serious games as a training tool, or they are still not sure if they can implement such a system into their current training programs. Whichever the case, we are going to focus on which sectors are using virtual worlds and simulations to teach their employees new skills and techniques so they can perform their jobs properly and excel in their current positions.

Let’s take a look at some of these sectors and see how they are using serious gaming and the virtual world to grow and become more effective.


Education – One of the largest sectors to use serious games and virtual reality is the education sector. Students can learn the skills needed for just about any career available to them and have hands-on knowledge and skills before applying. This can make them better prepared for their new careers and make them more beneficial for employers.

Healthcare – When used in the healthcare industry virtual reality can offer many useful applications. From teaching new methods of patient care, to understanding different conditions, complications and medical procedures, VR can help teach without using live patients.

Automotive – Many of the top automakers are already using serious gaming and virtual reality to train manufacturing floor employees. Trainees can get a detailed look inside many of the automobile’s systems and learn how they are assembled in the safety of a classroom rather than the factory floor.

Military – The military has always been searching for ways to train recruits safely and without using live ammunition. Virtual reality enables them to train recruits on how to diffuse IEDs, disassemble and reassemble weapons, spot dangerous situations and more.

Skilled trades – Many skilled trades require real world, hands-on experience before hiring a potential employee. The drawback is, the employee cannot get the experience without the job in the first place. This is where virtual reality comes in and where serious gaming can really show its benefits. Trainees can simulate real world tasks such as welding, manufacturing, engineering and more without ever leaving a classroom.

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