An End To Boring e Learning Modules as a Corporate Learning Tool


Let’s face it, we were all very exciting with the promise of “at your own pace” learning methods brought on by digital technology. We could sit back, open a website and study at our own leisure, taking breaks to message friends, check our social media pages and maybe even make a quick snack. In reality, the e Learning modules were boring and dry and we found it very difficult to focus our attention on them as the material just seemed to all run together. We learned very little and it looked like the concept of digital learning was almost a flop.

Serious Gaming to the Rescue

Developers saw this problem and quickly began working on a solution that would take those boring e Learning modules and make them interesting and, most of all, effective. The result, serious gaming and a new use for virtual reality that placed and emphasis on learning over entertainment. Serious gaming began to grow and become used more and more in industries such as health care, manufacturing, education and more. The success rate of the trainees who used serious games to learn new skills and methods of completing tasks also grew showing just some of the benefits of this new technology.

Why isn’t Serious Gaming Boring?

What makes serious gaming not boring while e Learning modules were getting a reputation for it? The main reason serious gaming isn’t boring is that, as a corporate learning tool, it put the trainees into real life situations that seemed incredibly real and made them make decisions that felt as though the end result mattered. With e Learning modules, the decision didn’t matter as much as the intake of the information.
Serious gaming also provides corporate learners with a wide range of choices that can help them develop their reasoning skills and their cognitive abilities to think on their feet. New procedures can be taught quickly, important information could be learned and retained better and trainees had a higher success rate when put in an actual situation where the skills they learned were put to use.
Serious gaming and the virtual world are still being developed, improved and used as a tool for many of the world’s top corporations and it is a growing sector that will have a place in almost every industry around the world soon.

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