How Serious Gaming Helps Graduates Learn


Games have always had an influence on the learning abilities of children and they are even encouraged throughout childhood to ensure children are well developed both physically and mentally. When video games came along, many parents feared the worst. Their children would waste countless hours in front of the television playing video games and not learning a single thing from them. However, they soon learned that those video games their children were playing did teach them something and researchers noticed this as well.
With the advent of technology and the advancement of the video game industry, we are beginning to see a sub-industry growing that is capable of being used in a corporate or educational setting to teach new skills and shorten training times saving organizations money on every new hire. This sub-industry is known as serious gaming and it has been adopted by many educational organizations around the world to help graduates learn and become more advanced before entering the workforce.

Research Shows Effectiveness of Serious Gaming

Studies conducted by researchers in the UK and around the world show how games and simulations enable graduates to think differently about learning and exploring. This digital resource is making learning not only different, but better in many ways. Serious games hold multiple opportunities and they can be used in a wide range of different ways in which the teacher and the students can interact better. Better student/ teacher interaction leads to more successful students and more involved graduates who were taught more efficiently than their predecessors.

Why are serious games so effective for education? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons:

1. Game play is fun

If you can entertain someone while you are teaching them, they will be that much more motivated to learn.

2. Serious games are interactive

Interactive games are much easier for students to learn from as they are not just sitting listening and taking notes. They are thinking for themselves and stimulating brain activity.

3. Immediate feedback

With serious gaming, the student gets immediate feedback and they know if they were right or wrong, rather than waiting for the results from a teacher who has to provide results for multiple students which can be time consuming.

4. Collaboration

Students who developed skills from serious gaming methods are able to engage more productively with their peers.
With the use of serious games, the learning of both hard and soft skills is developed and this new method of learning has proven itself successful in industries throughout the world.

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