The Benefits of Serious Games Over e Learning Courses for Organizations


Serious gaming can provide a wide range of important benefits over e Learning courses that tend to be much less interactive, even pushing information at the student with little regard for retention. In fact, serious gaming offers an increase in knowledge retention, a boost in employee satisfaction and cost savings for the organization. Serious gaming makes online training fun, entertaining and engaging and a well-developed serious game can even improve corporate learning ROI and make compliance training courses more enjoyable. These are all aspects of e Learning that students struggled with most.
What are some of the other benefits of serious games over e Learning courses? Let’s take a look:

1. Put Knowledge and Skills Into Practice

Rather than reading literature or listening to a lecture, serious gaming teaches employees the skills they need and lets them put them to practical use within the game. This helps in retention of the skills and minimizes the forgetting curve.

2. Engage and Inspire Employees

Serious games give employees another reason to endure the training process, entertainment! Serious gaming is interactive, engaging and inspiring and it can motivate students to actually want to learn the material being taught.

3. Simplify Complex Tasks

In today’s highly technical world, certain tasks require a multitude of steps to complete and if an employee is unable to use the information they just learned, they might end up forgetting portions of the task itself. With serious gaming, they are able to practice those tasks in a virtual environment. For example, a task that consists of 10 steps which are all time-consuming and complex can be broken down into 10 different game levels enabling the employee to learn each step before moving on to the next.

4. Build Problem-Solving Skills

Problem solving skills are important to the success of any employee. Serious gaming helps them to build problem solving skills and overcome real-world challenges via the game itself.

5. Provide A Tactile Online Training Experience

Hands-on training is the best approach, especially when you are trying to teach complicated tasks or work-related skills. Serious gaming makes learning more tactile and enables employees to interact with the online training content in a more meaningful way. Whereas e Learning techniques provide information for the learner to simply read, serious gaming lets them interact via the mouse, touchscreen or other physical mean.
Serious gaming has many advantages over e Learning and it looks as though serious gaming might be taking the place of e Learning platforms in a wide range of industries.

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