The Future For Serious Gaming In The Service Industry


With the popularity of serious gaming in many of the world’s top industries, we are seeing developers focusing on creating new and better serious gaming software to ensure the sustainability of the concept. Many industry experts believe that serious gaming is here to stay and that it can only grow in both popularity and acceptance. This brings us to the question then, “What does the future hold for serious gaming, in particular, for the service industry?”
The future of serious gaming begins with more software development, more robust platforms for the games to take shape on and more interaction between serious gaming and industries such as the service industry.
While there are many different industries seeing the advantages of serious gaming, the service industry seems to have seen the most benefits of this technology. And with simulation-based learning already a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide, more and more industries are using serious games for training purposes. This can affect the way the service industry uses the technology as more improvements will be made to the serious gaming platform, especially those games used on mobile devices.

The Future Of Serious Gaming Lies In Mobile Devices

2 out of every 3 people in the UK have a smart phone, and 1 out of every 2 own a tablet device. This makes the transition from desktop to mobile obvious for serious gaming developers and trainers alike. The future should bring more serious games based on the iOS and Android platforms making it easier for employees to learn new skills wherever they are. By providing them access to simulation training apps, employers are finding that their employees are learning and retaining more of the information in less time and developers of the mobile based learning games are seeing a higher return on investment, apps that are easier to develop and the simulation training apps are often more relevant to real life.

Real World Training in the VR World

Another factor that we are seeing that will help to push serious gaming and the service industry into the future, is the idea that real world training should become more accessible in the virtual realm as it can help alleviate much of the stress and anxiety new employees feel while they become accustomed to the job. Developers are creating incredibly detailed virtual worlds that mimic real life situations including everything from dealing with complex or challenging tasks, to dealing with a complex and challenging customer. The trainee learns new skills and the employer can review the results and see how they will respond in a real world setting.
The future of serious gaming mainly holds growth for both the web developers who create the games, to the end user who depends on the game to gain new skills. We can only guess what news ways we will think of for this technology, but we can be sure that it will become a part of the new training landscape.

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