The Top Hard And Soft Skills Organizations Are Looking For in Graduates and How Serious Gaming Can Help Graduates on Their Journey Into the Working Life


More than 100 years ago, the concept of employers seeking 85% soft skills and 15 % hard skills as a measure of job success. Although those figures are slightly different in today’s world, the importance of soft skills and soft skills training is being ignored. Many graduate students are focusing on developing expertise in their fields, but they are forgetting the importance of soft skills such as communication, time management and conflict resolution. These are important skills in the modern workplace and being able to show these skills can make a prospective employee stand out.
What are some of the top hard and soft skills that today’s organisations are looking for? Keep reading as we are going to share with you some of the top skills organisations are looking for in graduates:

Dependability – Doing what you say you will, when you say you will and being trusted to complete any task.

Motivation – Being able to motivate yourself and others to complete tasks and taking the initiative to find new ways to improve yourself, your team and your organisation.

Communication – Communication is the key to any human interaction, especially in the workplace.

Commitment – You should be committed to yourself, your job and your organisation.

Creativity – Being able to solve problems in new and interesting ways and demonstrating this to your employer.

Problem Solving – Having problem solving skills can make you an important part of any organisation and will help you stand out during the hiring process.

Flexibility – Being able to adjust to a changing schedule or workload and having the ability to foresee these changes.

Teamwork – Working in a team is an essential part of almost every job.

Leadership – You should be able to lead a group of people if needed and motivate them to get the job done.

Time Management – Being able to balance your workload and prioritize what needs to get done is important in today’s workforce.

How Serious Gaming is Helping Graduates Develop Their Soft Skills

Even if your soft skills are lacking, they can be developed through the use of serious gaming methods. Serious gaming can teach students many of the required soft skills that employers are looking for in an effective, self-paced manner. Research has shown an increase in cognitive learning ability when using serious gaming methods over traditional methods of learning. By teaching students the hard and soft skills they need before entering the modern workforce, they will find themselves, and their new skills, in high demand.

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