What Is Serious Gaming?


There is a lot of talk in the educational technology industry about serious games and how they are changing the way students and employees learn new skills. You might have even heard it mentioned and wondered just what serious gaming is and what its benefits are. If you have always been curious about serious gaming, keep reading as we are going to answer some questions about this useful technology that is making it easier to train new employees and to prepare students for the future careers.

What is a Serious Game?

Serious games can best be described as games that are designed for a specific purpose that isn’t solely entertaining. Whereas most interactive video games are designed and played purely for enjoyment and entertainment, serious games teach players new skills and new procedures they will need to perform their job. Serious games use many of the same features of standard game design including competitive gameplay, teamwork and individual challenges, but adds some design specific graphics that can make even the most mundane tasks exciting and engaging.
Serious games are often used for a wide range of business and education applications including training, recruitment, assessments, knowledge management and many more. Game play can be adjusted per the skill or procedure being taught and many serious games offer varying levels of difficult which come with rewards.
Not just for use in the professional business world, serious games have been used successfully in the education sector including many business schools throughout the UK and around the world.

Benefits of Serious Games

Serious games offer many benefits over one on one or non-digital training methods. These can include:

Collaborative learning – the most important benefit of serious gaming is the fact that it is a collaborative leaning tool which encourages cooperation to achieve a common goal.

Interactive – the interactive capabilities of serious gaming include some familiar gaming elements that you will find on entertainment games including various levels, achievements, rankings and rewards.

Stimulates the mind – serious games stimulates the mind, increasing its ability to learn while delaying the natural aging process.

Skills Learned are applicable to the real world – the skills you learn in serious games are applicable to what you will be doing in an actual work environment.

Immediate feedback – serious games provide immediate feedback and can even make the learning process easier by providing constant monitoring of the student of employee’s progress.

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